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. we take a look at that with two who follow civilian-military relations closely. richard kohn is professor emeritus of history at the university of north carolina. during the 1980s, he was the chief historian for the u.s. air force. and retired colonel andrew bacevich is a research fellow at notre dame's krock institute for nternational peace udies. we thank you both for joining us. before i begin i have two items to share, late-breaking items in the news on this story. the "new york times" identified the f.b.i. agent in tampa who was originally given the information from jill kelley about threatening e-mails. his name is frederick humphries, ii. he's said to be a veteran counterterrorism investigator. the second item, the associated press is reporting that general john allens sayi tend to fully cooperate in this investigation and hopes to get to the bottom of it as soon as possible. hopes that authorities do. but colonel andrew basevich, let me start with you. what is your overall reaction to this, to the petraeus story, the potential involvement of general allen-- although
these questions. michel kohn if we get this stuff right, isn't directed just making us feel good or you gain ground in a competitive environment against china? >> we asked them to gain greater i want to come back, we have will strengthen america. with strength in things all the other countries die for. higher education, entrepreneurial climate of science and technology, enormous dynamism in this country. we have a lot of strengths. but what we've done is we've allowed a bunch of sort of unnecessary costs of of doing business to grow up and creep up. by in action basically. at the same time as all these are the country, and, of course, i work around the world on this topic, all the other countries have task forces of national leaders that work every day to drive down the cost of doing business and making infrastructure better and make better airports and make better at taking occasions make it simpler to do business. so what's happened is we've sort of taken for granted, we had these great strength. look at us, we're wonderful. we've not been able to make progress on the basics. we are not ta
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6 (some duplicates have been removed)